Every family is unique and so is every divorce. We are experienced and skilled advocates with over 50 years of combined family law experience, ready to help you tackle the most difficult challenges so that you can come out the other side with the tools necessary for success in your post-divorce life. We focus on providing aggressive, compassionate, strategy-driven representation, no matter your particular situation.


Alimony is paid to the recipient based upon considerations that are set forth in New Jersey’s alimony statute, and in conjunction with our case law. It is intended to address the financial need of the supported spouse, the ability of the payor spouses to pay alimony and other factors. Alimony disputes present their own unique set of challenges, depending upon the family’s financial circumstances; the nature of the family’s income; the marital lifestyle, and other factors. The conflict between the parties can run particularly high in this area, as spouses are concerned about each of their respective financial futures. We strive to distill the emotional aspects from the legal and financial components of alimony negotiations to enable you to make sound decisions based upon the facts of your particular circumtances, and a well-thought out strategy to ensure optimal results

Child Support

Child support disputes present particularly challenging issues which can frequently result in high conflict scenarios. Parents who disagree with child support are generally experiencing difficulties in other areas such as custody, parenting time, and alimony. We believe it is best for our clients and their families when parents take control of their custody, parenting time, and financial issues rather than placing their family’s future in the hands of the court. Our goal is always to guide you to a carefully designed solution that best addresses the needs and best interests of the children and you, our client.

Distribution of Assets for High Net Worth Families

In some divorces, the assets to be divided are modest and fairly uncomplicated. In other cases, our clients have considerable assets, and particular attention needs to be taken to ensure that they are properly valued and assessed; that care is taken to shield assets from distribution which are not subject to division (such as pre-marital, inherited, or gifted assets); and to ensure that the division of marital assets is equitable and in keeping with New Jersey’s equitable distribution laws.

We have extensive experience representing clients who are dividing a substantial marital estate as part of a divorce, including:

  • Pensions and retirement accounts
  • Deferred compensation and stock options 
  • Vacation/second homes and investment real estate
  • Closely or family-held businesses
  • Special personal assets such as art, classic cars, and other collectibles
  • Overseas assets

Our lawyers work with highly regarded forensic accountants, real estate and business valuation specialists, and other savvy financial professionals who help us provide the court with detailed and accurate information regarding marital assets.

As with most matters in divorce, it is beneficial to both parties if an agreement can be reached through negotiation. This allows the parties involved to retain more control over the final outcome. Our family lawyers have a strong track record of reaching fair agreements through the use of negotiation strategies, mediation, and other methods for our clients. When an agreement cannot be reached, however, we are prepared to protect your rights and advocate aggressively for you in court.


The mention of a custody dispute strikes fear in even the most confident parent. Uncertainty as to your family’s future is overwhelming. You need an advocate who cares. We listen to you and learn your family story. We craft an effective plan to achieve your custody and parenting time goals, staying focused on your children’s best interests. We fight for you and your children’s rights. Child custody issues can be complex, ever-evolving, and fluid. We will be there for you throughout the entire process and when you need us in the future.

Post-divorce Judgment Modification and Enforcement

While divorce decrees and other agreements are legally binding documents, certain life-changing circumstances (such as the loss of employment or a disability or serious health issue) may necessitate a modification to the original agreement or judgment. In other cases, one party may not be honoring the terms of the original agreement, requiring enforcement. Our attorneys can guide you through either situation to ensure that you obtain relief from the terms of an agreement that is no longer equitable due to a change in circumstances or to obtain enforcement of an obligation prescribed by written agreement of court order. We’ve assisted many families in just these very circumstances and can help you through these difficult times, when your agreement no longer serves you, or it is not being adhered to by the other party.