Guardianship raises complex legal and emotional questions. Even when guardianship is an obvious need, it is a sensitive and challenging issue. At Bozanian McGregor LLC, we have successfully handled a great many guardianship cases, both for incapacitated adults and minors. We have comprehensive knowledge of all the legal aspects of guardianship and a keen understanding of the dynamics and complexity of family relationships. If you live in New Jersey and are faced with the need for guardianship of a loved one, contact us for the legal representation and compassionate support you need. 

Guardianship for Adults

In some cases, adults need guardians; the legal arrangement is designed to protect an adult who is unable to manage their own affairs and govern themselves.

Why Some New Jersey Adults Need Guardians

Adults may require guardians because they are physically disabled, mentally incapacitated, chronically addicted to substances, or otherwise unable to make critical decisions in their own best interests. The protected person is designated a ward and placed under the supervision of a guardian who is usually a relative or a close friend. There are two types of adult guardianship: 

  • Guardianship of the Person in which the guardian is authorized to make decisions for the ward about living arrangements, educational matters, and medical treatment while maintaining as much of the ward’s independence as possible. 
  • Guardianship of the Estate or Property in which the guardian is authorized to make financial and legal decisions on the ward’s behalf concerning bill payments, bank accounts, investments, and real estate. This type of guardianship does not make the guardian responsible for the ward’s care in terms of meeting their daily needs.

Our attorneys are experienced and adept at planning and establishing guardianships and also well-prepared to protect or challenge the role of guardians as circumstances require.

Protecting the Rights of an Adult Under Guardianship

Adult guardianship is meant to protect the adult ward by having the guardian make decisions the ward is unable to make about:

  • Day-to-day care and supervision
  • Where to live
  • Property transactions
  • Entering contracts
  • Obtaining a driver’s license 
  • Necessity for medical treatment
  • End-of-life healthcare decisions

At Bozanian McGregor LLC, we are well aware that the civil rights of the adult under guardianship must also be protected. To accomplish this, we will make sure the ward is informed of their due process rights, including the right to attend any legal proceedings related to the guardianship. The ward also has the right to be represented by an attorney.

The Importance of Having an Experienced Guardianship Lawyer

Whether you are contemplating becoming a guardian, are already a guardian, or are a parent or other relative of a child with special needs or an adult who is incapacitated, our guardianship attorneys are here to help. 

Once you become our client, we will be at your side throughout the process: drafting and executing all necessary documents, counseling you about your duties and responsibilities, and representing you at the guardianship hearing and in any other legal matters that arise. Most of all, we will be looking out for your best interests in this difficult situation and providing you with compassionate legal and moral support. Even after a guardian is appointed, we continue to guide you to successfully complete your responsibilities as a guardian.

Contact Our Accomplished Guardianship Attorneys Now

Guardianship should never be taken lightly since it involves a high level of responsibility for a child or adult who cannot manage without protective care. Contact Bozanian McGregor LLC today to discuss your concerns and your options. You can depend on us to handle your guardianship case with the consideration it deserves.