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There are two different avenues through which a couple can obtain a divorce, a fault divorce, and a no-fault divorce. A fault divorce is when a person is seeking to end a marriage due to some type of “wrongdoing” such as like adultery. A no-fault divorce doesn’t require any wrongdoing. Instead, a person seeking a no-fault divorce typically must demonstrate irreconcilable differences and that the parties can no longer successfully live together as a married couple.

Below are five important benefits of a no-fault divorce:

No-Fault Divorce is Less Time Consuming

A benefit associated with a no-fault divorce is that not having to form blame usually permits marriage dissolution proceedings to move along more quickly. Going through a divorce is stressful enough without having the proceedings drag on and on.

Reduces Costs Associated with Divorce

Very few people enter a divorce proceeding unphased by the expense of the process. A no-fault divorce can reduce the costs associated with ending a marriage. Because a no-fault divorce is likely to prove to be more efficient, a divorcing couple will spend less money on attorney fees. Other divorce related costs are likely to be reduced as well when the no-fault process is used.

Can Make Divorce Less Emotionally Charged

One of the most important benefits associated with a no-fault divorce is that this type of marriage dissolution has a greater possibility of being less emotionally charged. Build up emotions in a divorce case oftentimes results in parties making decisions based on their passions rather than reflective consideration. In the end, intelligent, less emotionally charged decision making in a divorce proceeding is beneficial to both parties.

Can Make for Better Communication

A less emotionally charged divorce allows both parties the ability to have smoother communication with one another. Good communication is particularly important when children are involved. Proper communication between divorcing spouses with children enhances their ability to effectively and productively co-parent, focusing on the best interests of their children.

Improved communication also allows for a less emotional, more efficient pathway towards concluding a divorce. Improved communication will also pave the way towards easier problem solving when issues arise after the divorce has concluded.

Causes Less Stress for Children

A primary reason why many states elected to develop no-fault divorce in the first place is the belief that this type of marital dissolution would prove to be less stressful for the children of a divorcing couple. When emotions between divorcing parents are kept in check, children typically can better navigate not only the process of their parents’ divorce but life after as well.

If you are contemplating whether a no-fault divorce is right for you,

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