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Making the decision of hiring a child custody lawyer could be a challenging one for many. Below we outline some situations where it may be crucial for a child custody lawyer to step in.

If you are in a dissolving relationship with the person you have children with, resolving things amicably can avoid having to spend resources on a contentious court case. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible in every situation. If any of the following situations are familiar to you, then it’s within the best interests of you and your children to hire an experienced child custody lawyer.

Your Visitation Rights Are Being Disrupted

Whether or not you have a formal visitation agreement in place, your ex-partner is unlikely to be authorized to alter the time you’re allowed to spend with your children. If your contact with your kids becomes limited or your assigned visitation days are being canceled without warning by your co-parent, this is an issue that requires help from a qualified attorney.

While some parents believe they can restrict access between their ex and their children due to unpaid child support or change in custody arrangements, these actions may not be legal. If you’re unable to reach an agreement with your former partner and you want to ensure your visitation rights remain intact, it’s a good idea to discuss your options with a family lawyer.

Your Ex Has Plans to Move Out of State

When you and your ex-partner were still married or together, you would expect them to discuss major life changes with you before reaching an agreement. But once you’re divorced, you won’t have much say in what they do. However, that may not apply to their plans to move out of state.

Some parents assume they can simply move to a different state with their children.

If this is a scenario you’re facing and you’re worried about losing time with your children, you’ll want to consult an experienced attorney. In most cases, one parent will require express permission from the court to move out of the state. While there is a chance that permission will be granted, you deserve every right to ensure you can continue seeing your children and that decisions regarding their upbringing won’t be unilateral.

You’re Worried Your Children Are in Danger

Most child custody cases involve rather innocuous issues regarding educational or medical decisions, monetary support, or shared time. In more extreme situations, however, you might be worried about the safety of the environment in which your children are spending time with your ex.

Whether you’re concerned that your former spouse isn’t mentally stable enough to provide proper care for your children or you have evidence that your ex is abusive, dealing with substance use issues, or could otherwise pose a danger to your family, you need to take action to ensure your children come first. A child custody attorney can evaluate the situation and guide you through the proper steps.

An attorney with extensive experience in family law issues pertaining to child custody can help to protect your rights as a parent, as well as the well-being of your children. For more information on how we can provide you with the support, your family deserves, please contact Bozanian McGregor today.

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